Garden Reach "The Heart Of Kolkata "

Garden Reach, Calcutta Garden-Reach, 700024 ,India
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Garden Reach (Matiaburj) has a rich history. The Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah, took refuge here when he was ousted by the British from his throne, and attempted to build a replica of his palace in Matiaburj. The Imambara he created stands at the centre of Matiaburj, and it is sometimes called the 'Second Lucknow'
Although relatively unknown to those living in Kolkata, Matiaburj is a key industrial location, with a power station and a water pumping station that supply water to major parts of the city. It also has a shipyard, the GRSE that is engaged in making warships, and is home to one of the largest textile manufacturers in India.[citation needed].The area is largest producer of non branded garments in India.The haat system {weekly market} here is largest in India.[citation needed] Another key area of employment in the city are brick-kilns, which generally employ daily wage workers. Matiaburj is also famous for being the largest KITE manufacturer in the world.


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